What Is Annexure K In Epfo?

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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) in India is responsible for managing and regulating the provident fund, pension, and insurance schemes for the country’s workforce. If you’re an employer or an employee participating in the EPF scheme, you may have come across the term “Annexure K.” In this blog, we’ll explore what Annexure K in EPFO is, its purpose, and how it plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless provident fund management.

What Is Annexure K In EPFO?

Annexure K is a document used by employers to provide essential details about their employees to the EPFO. This document primarily focuses on the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account. It includes information about employees’ contributions, employer contributions, and other relevant details.

Purpose Of Annexure K

  1. Account Verification: One of the primary purposes of Annexure K is to verify the accuracy of the EPF accounts. By submitting this document, employers help ensure that the funds are being credited correctly to the employees’ accounts.
  2. Compliance: Annexure K is essential for maintaining compliance with EPFO regulations. It aids in demonstrating that the employer is fulfilling their obligations regarding provident fund contributions.
  3. Annual Reporting: Employers are required to submit Annexure K as part of their annual EPF returns. This document summarizes the financial transactions related to the EPF accounts for the entire year.
  4. Auditing and Inspection: Annexure K also serves as a valuable resource during audits and inspections conducted by EPFO authorities. It provides a comprehensive record of financial transactions for each employee.

Components Of Annexure K

Annexure K contains several key components, each of which plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate records and ensuring compliance with EPFO regulations:

  1. Establishment Information: This section includes details about the employer’s establishment, such as the name, address, and EPF establishment code.
  2. Employee Details: Annexure K lists all employees participating in the EPF scheme. For each employee, it includes their name, employee code, Universal Account Number (UAN), and Aadhaar number.
  3. Salary and Contribution Details: This part of the document summarizes the salary components and contributions for both employees and employers. It includes the basic salary, special allowances, provident fund contributions, pension fund contributions, and any other relevant details.
  4. Miscellaneous Details: Employers may also need to provide other essential information, such as the date of joining, date of exit, and reasons for exit.

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Submission And Filing

Employers are responsible for preparing Annexure K, typically on an annual basis, and submitting it to the EPFO. The submission process is usually done electronically through the EPFO’s online portal. Once submitted, it becomes an integral part of the EPF account records.


Annexure K is a vital document in the management of Employees’ Provident Fund accounts. It helps maintain accuracy, transparency, and compliance with EPFO regulations, ensuring that both employers and employees can benefit from a reliable and well-maintained provident fund system. Understanding its purpose and ensuring proper filing is essential for all stakeholders involved in the EPF scheme.


How Do I Request Annexure K From EPFO?

Annexure K can be downloaded through the Unified member Portal. Employees can now get their PF annexure K online through the UAN when they transfer PF funds from an exempt establishment to an unexempted one. Step 2: Next, click Download Annexure K under Online Services in the navigation bar.

How Do I Download Annexure K?

Step 1: Go to https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ to access the UAN member portal. Step 2: Next, enter your UAN and password to access the platform. Step 3: Next, select “Online Services” from the menu bar. Step 4: At this point, select “Download Annexure K” from the list of “Online Services.”

How Long Does It Take To Get Annexure K From EPFO?

If the Annexure-K is missing you can raise a grievance request, or mail your EPF Regional Office for Annexure-K. Even after 15 days of PF transfer, EPFO has not shared Annexure K. What to do or usually how much time they take to generate? Normally it takes about a month for a PF transfer.

What Is Annexure In Epf?

“Annexure K is a document which mentions the details about the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) accountholder, his accumulations with interest, his service history, date of joining and date of exit and employment details including past and present MID (Member ID).

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