What Is Golden Ratio In Kpop?

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What Is Golden Ratio In Kpop?

K-pop, short for Korean pop music, has taken the world by storm with its captivating music, mesmerizing choreography, and visually stunning music videos. Behind the scenes, one element that often plays a significant role in the aesthetics of K-pop is the golden ratio. In this blog post, we’ll explore what the golden ratio is in the context of K-pop, its significance, and how it influences the visual appeal of K-pop idols and groups.

The Golden Ratio In Art And Nature

Before delving into its role in K-pop, it’s essential to understand the concept of the golden ratio. Also known as the divine proportion or the golden mean, the golden ratio is a mathematical ratio of approximately 1.6180339887. It appears in various aspects of art, architecture, and nature and is often associated with aesthetic harmony and balance.

In visual arts, the golden ratio is employed to create pleasing compositions, where elements are divided into sections following this ratio. It’s believed that objects and images adhering to the golden ratio are more visually appealing and harmonious to the human eye.

The Role Of The Golden Ratio In K-Pop

  1. Facial Symmetry: In K-pop, the concept of facial symmetry is crucial. Many idols are known for their perfectly symmetrical faces, which are believed to be more visually appealing. The golden ratio is often used as a guideline to determine the ideal proportions of facial features, such as eyes, nose, and lips.
  2. Body Proportions: K-pop idols are known for their impressive dance moves and stage presence. Achieving a balanced and visually pleasing body proportion is essential for performance aesthetics. The golden ratio can be used to determine ideal body proportions, such as the length of limbs, waist-to-hip ratio, and overall symmetry.
  3. Fashion and Styling: The golden ratio can influence fashion and styling choices for K-pop idols. It may guide decisions on clothing cuts, hairstyles, and makeup techniques to enhance facial features and body proportions in line with the golden ratio.
  4. Choreography and Stage Design: K-pop music videos and live performances often incorporate intricate choreography and stage design. The golden ratio can be applied to stage layouts, dance formations, and camera angles to create visually captivating moments on stage.
  5. Album Cover Design: In album cover design, the golden ratio can be used to create visually appealing compositions. It helps artists and designers balance the placement of text, images, and graphics to draw the viewer’s attention effectively.
  6. Visual Harmony: Overall, the golden ratio is a tool used in K-pop to achieve visual harmony and aesthetics. Whether it’s in the composition of a music video frame, the design of an album cover, or the styling of an idol, adhering to the golden ratio principles can enhance the overall appeal.


The golden ratio is a mathematical concept that has found its way into various aspects of K-pop, influencing the visual aesthetics of idols and groups. While beauty is subjective, and talent and personality are paramount in the K-pop industry, the golden ratio serves as a guideline to create visually harmonious compositions that captivate audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a K-pop fan or an artist, appreciating the role of the golden ratio in K-pop allows for a deeper understanding of the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating these mesmerizing musical and visual experiences.

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What Is The Korean Golden Ratio?

Korean traditional design objects show a clearly shorter ratio (1:1, 1:1.333) than the golden ratio (1:1.618).

What Is Hourglass Figure In K-Pop?

More In Detail: The shoulders and hips must be widest part of the body hence aligning. The waist is the narrowest part of the body (has to be 7in or smaller than the rest of the body). It is common said that to be an hourglass you have to have a bigger bust that balances out your hips otherwise you’re a pear.

Who Has The Best Body Proportions In K-Pop?

So here are the female idols mentioned by Korean netizens to have the best figure.

  • Krystal.
  • Seolhyun.
  • Former Lovelyz’s Ryu Soo Jung.
  • BLACKPINK’s Rose.
  • ITZY’s Yuna.
  • TWICE’s Momo.
  • BLACKPINK’s Jennie.
  • IVE’s Jang Won Young.

What Is The Golden Body Ratio?

This led to the development of a set of measurements that led in turn to the ratio 1: 1.618, which is now often called “The Golden Ratio.” The Golden Ratio is a number that shows up all over the human body, for example the length of the arms and legs divided by the length of the torso.

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