What Is MMID?

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In the dynamic landscape of digital banking, acronyms like MMID have become integral to seamless transactions and efficient financial management. This article aims to unravel the mystery behind MMID, exploring its definition, functionality, and its role in the banking sector.

What Is MMID?

MMID, short for Mobile Money Identifier, is a unique 7-digit number assigned to users engaging in mobile banking transactions. This identifier simplifies fund transfers and ensures a secure and swift process within the digital banking ecosystem.

What Is MMID In Hdfc?

In HDFC Bank, MMID plays a crucial role in facilitating mobile banking transactions. It serves as a distinctive identifier for HDFC Bank customers, allowing them to perform various financial activities through mobile banking platforms.

What Is MMID In Banking?

In the broader banking context, MMID is a fundamental component of mobile banking. It streamlines transactions by eliminating the need for sensitive information like account numbers, making it a secure and user-friendly identification method.

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What Is MMID App?

Some banks provide dedicated apps that incorporate MMID functionality. These apps enable users to access their MMID, perform transactions, and manage their accounts seamlessly, contributing to the growing trend of mobile-centric banking services.

What Is MMID In BOB?

In Bank of Baroda (BOB) and other financial institutions, MMID serves the same purpose – a unique identifier for mobile banking transactions. Customers of BOB can leverage their MMID for quick and hassle-free fund transfers.

How To Find MMID Number?

Locating your MMID is a straightforward process:

  • Mobile Banking App: Check your bank’s mobile banking app for the MMID, usually located in the profile or account information section.
  • SMS: Some banks send the MMID through SMS when customers register for mobile banking services.
  • Internet Banking: Log in to your internet banking account to find the MMID under the mobile banking or services section.

What Is MMID In Sbi?

State Bank of India (SBI) utilizes MMID to enhance the efficiency of mobile banking transactions. SBI customers can access their MMID to initiate secure and quick transfers through mobile banking channels.

What Is MMID In Canara Bank?

Canara Bank, like other banks, employs MMID as a unique identifier for mobile banking users. Canara Bank customers can obtain their MMID through the bank’s mobile app or other designated channels.

How To Generate MMID?

Generating MMID is a straightforward process:

  • Mobile Banking App: Log in to your mobile banking app, go to the services section, and select the option to generate MMID.
  • Internet Banking: Access your internet banking account, navigate to the mobile banking section, and follow the steps to generate your MMID.


MMID stands as a testament to the evolution of banking services into the digital realm. Its simplicity, coupled with enhanced security features, has made it an indispensable element in mobile banking. Whether in HDFC, SBI, Canara Bank, or other financial institutions, understanding and utilizing MMID empowers users to conduct transactions swiftly, securely, and with the convenience that modern banking demands. As the financial landscape continues to embrace digital transformation, MMID remains a key enabler in shaping the future of banking experiences.


How Do I Find My MMID Number?

Send SMS to 9223440000 typing ‘MMID SBI account number’ to retrieve the MMID for your particular account. Send SMS to 9223440000 typing ‘MMID SBI’ to retrieve MMID number for all your SBI accounts. You can also retrieve MMID number for your State Bank of India account by placing an application at home branch.

Is MMID And Ifsc Code Same?

The combination of MMID code along with mobile number is actually the replacement of account number and IFSC code of the payee. If a customer knows the MMID code and contact number, they can easily transfer the funds. Basically, MMID code is used if a customer wants to transfer funds using IMPS platform.

What Is MMID Used For?

The seven-digit Mobile Money Identifier, or MMID for short, is a unique number that is used for interbank transfers when utilising the MMID feature of mobile banking. An MMID will be assigned to each account holder, which will aid in identifying a specific bank account.

Is It Safe To Share MMID?

Transferring funds using an MMID code is not only easy but also safe and secure. This is because it does not require any banking details like the account number or IFSC code of the sender or receiver. Thus, both parties can keep their personal information secured during the transaction procedure.

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